Work Life Balance for Physicians - Three Steps to Saying NO with Grace and Power

From The Happy MD website, Dr. Dike Drummond

Choosing to be a Physician is a lot like inviting an 800 pound gorilla to be a permanent house guest. Gorillas are big, take up a lot of space, eat all your food and are not house trained … so there are messes to clean up every week.

Left to its own devices, your Medical Career will knock your work life balance out by doing the very same things …

  • Take up every spare minute
  • Use all your energy, patience, empathy and attention
  • Mess up your other relationships by crowding them out or interrupting at the worst possible moment

Work Life Balance can go out the window very quickly. The Career that was supposed to give you a great life … quickly becomes the entire focus of your life … and physician Burnout starts nipping at your heels.

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